Chillicothe Sheriff Promises Justice For The Four Women Dead And Two Missing

After four women have turned up dead in Chillicothe, Ohio with two more still missing, the town is banding together in a public act of defiance against crime. According to the Huffington Post, the sheriff of Chillicothe made a public vow at a press conference held on Monday to “get justice” for the victims.

“I don’t want my family to be scared to be in the community and I don’t want your family to be scared to be in the community,” said Chillicothe Sheriff George Lavender. “We’re going to clean up this town up and get justice for these ladies.”

The press conference was held in response to the disappearance of Chillicothe woman Tiffany Sayre, who turned up dead like three other Chillicothe women. Her body was found in a county close to Chillicothe. Her death has been ruled a homicide, but no details about the nature of her murder have been released so far. One of the six abducted women was apparently shot to death.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, it’s not just the Chillicothe sheriff that’s promising justice for the missing women. A group of law enforcement officials gathered at the press conference at the Chillicothe Ross County Courthouse to send a message to whoever is responsible for the murders. A previous report from the Inquisitr revealed that civilians and officials fear the disappearances and murders may be the work of a serial killer. If that’s the case, the Chillicothe authority wants him or her to know that they are in pursuit.

In fact, the Chillicothe sheriff claims he receives 30 to 40 tips a day regarding the disappearances of the women, bringing the ongoing investigation closer and closer to the culprit. The tips are being analyzed and compared every day to determine “what’s going on [and] who’s the common denominator.”

But citizens of Chillicothe are aspiring to crackdown on all forms of crime beyond the six abductions. Chillicothe Police Chief Keith Washburn held a call to action to the town’s residents.

“There’ll be no breaks, there’ll be no warnings. We can’t do it alone. I ask you to help us take back our city and clean up our streets. Let’s show this city we mean business.”

Sheriff Lavendar affirmed, “Chillicothe was a great town and it’s going to be great again.”

Check back with the Inquisitr for more updates on the situation in Chillicothe. For more stories on Chillicothe, read about the new details surrounding Sayre’s death.

[Image: Chillicothe PD]