Secret Service Sex Scandal Agents Had President Obama’s Schedule In Their Rooms

In what is being called a potential security breach Secret Service agents involved in last weeks Colombia sex scandal had President Obama’s schedule in their hotel room while entertaining prostitutes from a nearby club.

After news of the Presidents schedule surfaced Senator Susan Collins of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee stated:

“I can’t help but think what if the women involved had been spies, what if they had been members of a drug cartel, what if they had planted equipment or eavesdropping devices?”

The sex scandal forced 11 agents out of service on suspicion of hiring prostitutes in the city of Cartega. Secret Service agents were in that city to provide security for the Summit of the Americas but were quickly stripped of all security clearances and immediately sent home.

Charges are being sought for both elite special agents who protect President Obama and uniformed officers who handle general security for buildings along with further logistical support as needed.

It is not just secret service personnel who are being investigated, at least five military serviceman are also suspected of “carousing at the center of the probe.”

It’s still not clear what type of information was provided in the President’s schedule.

In the meantime General Martin Demsey has called the situation “embarrassing” while other lawmakers say the entire situation derailed attention from important issues being discussed in Colombia.

The secret service provides a valuable need for politicians and other dignitaries but as President Obama stated during his trip:

“When we travel, we have to observe the highest standards. We’re not just representing ourselves. We’re here on behalf of our people.”

In this particular case the secret service didn’t represent “the people” very well.