Woman With Monster Cyst — Includes Apparent Human-Like Features

Michelle Tolentino has an unusual-but-potentially-probable medical condition. This woman has developed a monster-sized cyst, and it has human-like features.

Philippines — It's reported by ABS-CBN News that Michelle's condition is one that can happen to many women. As stated by research gained from the news network's Bandila Extra program, it's a dermoid cyst.

This medical anomaly is one that can grow to the size of a fist, if the host isn't treated or cured. In Tolentino's particular case, the tumor even grew hair, teeth, bony cartilages, and fats, as reports news medium Xolxol.

Woman With Monster Cyst — Includes Apparent Human-Like Features
Credits: YouTube

Michelle discovered the mass-like growth during an examination, part of her medical certificate formality. Tolentino was actually trying to obtain work within her laboratory analyst profession.

While going through the credentials process, the examining doctor found abnormal levels in her results. As reports Xolxol, her red blood cell counts were "consistently high."

After examining her uterus, the medical team discovered the monstrous cyst, as can be seen in the video.

From the report, it states that women — ages 20 to 50 — have the ability to develop this type of cyst. Michelle is 25. As a quote from the news medium, it states as follows.

"This usually starts during fetal development up until postmenopausal period. According to experts, this cannot be avoided and it will come out, no matter, at a certain of our lives."

"Women ages 20-50 years old have the potential to generate this kind of cyst and 33 percentage rate of developing it by reproductive-aged women."

"This is a very alarming case for women. That's why medical experts advised every single [woman] to have a regular checkup to avoid being...sterile."

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[Video and Photo Credits: YouTube]