3-Year-Old Boy Damages Neighbor's Car, See The Surprising Bill The Neighbor Gave His Mom [Photo]

Meaghan Ellis

A photo of one neighbor's car bill has gone viral, and soon you'll understand why. Automotive repairs can be costly. Whether you're fixing something under the hood or repairing cosmetic damage, there really isn't a way to get around paying to fix a car. When one 3-year-old boy put a dent in the neighbor's car door, his parents knew the repair cost wouldn't be cheap. Therefore, the parents had to make a decision - maintain silence as if the incident never occurred or accept responsibility for their son's actions.

According to the Mirror, the parents decided to be honest about the damage to the car, assuring the neighbor they would cover the costs. The neighbor opted to send the parents a hefty bill for the little boy's crafty work. However, the bill isn't exactly what most would expect. In fact, it'll probably make you smile. When you see the neighbor's shocking response, you'll definitely understand why this note has gone viral. The 3-year-old boy's mother recently shared a photo of the neighbor's bill and note via Facebook. After itemizing the staggering cost, she had yet another surprise for the parents.

"My silly three year old accidentally hit a neighbour's car last week when opening his door. We admitted it at the time and told the owner we'd pay for the repair (cheaper than going through insurance). Chased him up today and got this invoice..."

Here's an image of the surprising note that the little boy's mom shared via Facebook:

After calculating the costs of the repairs, the neighbor stated that the damages amounted to a staggering $2,900.00, reports Metro. The costs included a number of outlandish items like "tea" and "biscuits" for "pondering" the repair costs. But, that's not all. The last item on the list included a deduction from the cost with the description "These Things Happen." The deduction actually included the full price of the repairs and a simple request.

"The only thing we ask is that you keep taking our parcels in when we are not here, thanks!" the neighbor concluded.

The letter is a prime example of how rewarding honesty can be!

[Image via Shutterstock]