Katy Perry Tops ‘Forbes’ Celebrity List, Battles With Nuns To Buy Convent

Katy Perry is one entertainer who has had a good year, having raked in an estimated $135 million within this period.

This is according to Forbes, which released its list of the top 100 celebrity earners in 2015. The “Roar” singer made it to the number three spot, with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao leading the pack courtesy of their pay-per-view boxing bout payday in May.

Mayweather is number one on the list with a stratospheric $300 million, and Pacquiao in the second position, having banked a whopping $160 million. The One Direction pop band came in fourth after Katy Perry, with a not-so-negligible $130 million.

That said, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce ranked lowly and earned $54.5 million and $52.5 million, respectively, with Kanye West and Oprah conspicuously missing from the list.

According to Forbes, Taylor Swift, who is Perry’s frenemy, made a respectable $80 million.

Moving away from the list, Katy Perry is currently battling a couple of nuns over a convent that she wants to buy. According to Us Magazine, the star is trying to acquire the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary convent in the Los Angeles Loz Feliz area, but the nuns are apparently having none of it.

The controversy is that the establishment has five nuns, two (Sister Catherine Rose and Sister Rita Callanan) of whom claim to have the right to sell the property.

The two Sisters apparently sold the convent to Dana Hollister, a restaurateur, for a reported $15.5 million, while Archbishop Jose Gomez, who also claims to own the property, was negotiating its sale to Katy Perry for some $14.5 million.

Katy Perry is said to have visited the two Sisters in an attempt to finalize the deal, but they were not into it. The following is a statement by one of the nuns about their meeting with Katy Perry.

“Well, I found Katy Perry and I found her videos and… if it’s all right to say, I wasn’t happy with any of it.”

This was after she did a quick internet search on Katy Perry.

She also added the following.

“We have given many years to this archdiocese and we have served them well… For the archdiocese to… put us under a bus and run over us, I’m sorry, it was just too much for me.”

This is according to the Los Angeles Times.

Archbishop Jose is said to have sued Hollister in order to have the sale annulled, while Katy Perry has been granted permission by the court to visit the property whenever she wants. Katy Perry has recently visited the convent with her architect.

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Variety]