‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Houseguest Exposed, First ‘BB17’ Veto Ceremony Shocker

Big Brother 17 spoilers bring a lot of excitement from the weekend. The first BB17 Veto ceremony took place and one houseguest saw her game exposed. As reported by fan site Big Brother Network late Sunday (June 28), the Week 1 Veto ceremony took place with Veto winner Steve Moses using the prize to save himself. It left Head of Household James Huling with the task of naming a replacement nominee. James nominated Jace Agolli for eviction, meaning he is up against Jackie Ibarra in the Week 1 eviction vote.

For fans that saw the Sunday episode (June 28) of Big Brother 17, it became very obvious that a plan was in place to get Jace nominated for eviction. Former HOH Jason Roy had worked with sole HOH James to make sure they nominated four people who would serve as “pawns” for the week. The target was Jace all along, much to the dismay of his main alliance partner (Austin Matelson). While Austin has been trying to figure out the votes to keep Jace safe, he is fighting an uphill battle that likely cannot be won.

Jace, figuring out that he had become a target, wasn’t the only fireworks going off in the house. A fresh report from Big Brother Network on Monday (June 29) reveals that Audrey Middleton may have had her schemes exposed to the entire house. She has been working many of the other BB17 houseguests since they entered the house, but may have formed too many different alliances. There is one “mega alliance” that James and Jason have been running with, and one which Audrey was a part of originally. She passed on some information she learned in it to Jace, though, and has lost the trust of most people in the house.

Much of what has taken place in the BB17 house over the weekend will likely be revealed on the Wednesday episode (July 1) of the show. There is still a lot of time for more fireworks to happen as the 16 houseguests really start to manever into more secure alliances. That could lead to additional Big Brother 17 spoilers coming out before the eviction episode on July 2.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]