‘Scream Queens’ Emma Roberts And Lea Michele Show What It Takes To Be Killer Sorority Sisters

Scream Queens hasn’t aired yet, but for Emma Roberts and Lea Michele, becoming sorority sister material is an ongoing process, and just like their on-screen characters, Roberts and Michele find that a bit of rivalry keeps things interesting.

It takes hard work to keep in shape and, as Emma and Lea have learned, workouts are much more interesting with a friend. Scream Queens co-stars have been spending time together in and out of the gym, bonding as only sorority sisters can. Ms. Michele has even been sharing pictures of their workout sessions with her Instagram followers


Lea Michele posted the picture of Emma Roberts and herself doing Pilates in a private studio on Thursday.

“Only @emmaroberts could make working out this hard so much fun! Love you lady! So happy we are here on this adventure together!”

Lea wasn’t the only one of the pair to share pictures of their workout with fans. Emma’s contribution shows her sharing a laugh with Ms. Michele, something Scream Queens fans probably won’t get a chance to see their characters doing.

“Love this girl,” Roberts captioned the picture.

It seems that Emma has introduced her Scream Queens co-star to her love of Pilates, which she feels gives more immediate results than other types of workouts. Roberts has also said that she prefers reformer sessions, such as can be seen in the pictures, as opposed to mat classes.

“A couple times [on the machines] and you already see results,” Emma said in an interview with Women’s Health magazine. “You wake up in the morning feeling a lot better. Also, I carry stress in my neck and back, and Pilates loosens everything up and keeps me flexible.”

Could it be Roberts has gotten Lea addicted to Pilates, even after Ms. Michele has gone on record declaring her aversion to gyms and fitness centers?

“I do yoga every single day in my backyard and I go on a long hike every week,” Lea said in a 2013 interview. “I’m not a big gym person.”

Lea and Emma will probably be spending a great deal more time in the gym. They will need to build up their speed and stamina if they hope to keep ahead of that murderous Red Devil on Scream Queens.

Emma Roberts and Lea Michele can be seen along with the rest of the stellar cast, when Scream Queens premieres on September 22 on FOX.

[Featured image: Emma Roberts and Lea Michele courtesy of Instagram/Emma Roberts]