John Legend Humiliates Wife Chrissy Teigen On ‘Hollywood Game Night’ [Video]

John Legend appears on the Season 3 premiere of Hollywood Game Night, which released an exclusive clip this week of the singer accidentally embarrassing his wife Chrissy Teigen by revealing an intimate inside joke about her private area.

According to People Magazine, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen played on opposite teams for the premiere, which may have prompted Legend’s competitive spirit to embarrass his partner on national television. After host Jane Lynch introduces Teigen’s team captain and announces that he’s from Clovis, California, Legend chimes in with a filthy inside joke he shares with his wife.

He says that he and Chrissy use the word “Clovis” as a secret term for a woman’s private parts. Chrissy confirms they have a “running joke about Clovis,” but doesn’t take it any further than that. Not satisfied with a vague reference to an inside joke, John Legend then humiliates his wife by saying, “If ever something was wrong down there for Chrissy, she’d say, ‘My Clovis hurts.’ “

This prompts Teigen to run across the stage to get her husband to shut up, all while the audience cackles hysterically, according to Sports Illustrated.

Jane Lynch then joins the fun in teasing John Legend’s main squeeze by asking, “Chrissy, do you have a lot of things wrong down there?”

Teigen sharply announces to her husband, “Well, my Clovis is out of commission for you.”

You can watch the full video of John Legend mortifying his wife in the clip above, or you can catch the Season 3 premiere of Hollywood Game Night on Tuesday, July 7, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

While the marriage between John Legend and Chrissy Teigen appears to be going strong, they did recently decide to sell their house. According to HLN, Legend is offering up the New York home for a staggering $4.5 million. The house is only 2,000 square feet, but is considered a “luxurious celebrity home” by Zillow. Despite only having one bedroom, the Legend luxury home includes a chef’s kitchen, a butler’s pantry, an office, and a laundry room.

John Legend’s house could potentially set a record, as well. It’s currently listed for more than the most expensive condo, which sold for only $2.3 million in May.

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[Image courtesy of NBC and Hollywood Game Night]