Texas Alligator Attack: Father Fights Off Animal To Save Son’s Life

Alligator Attack

An alligator attack has left a father and son in the hospital with serious injuries, but alive.

CBS News reports that the incident happened on Sunday in Wallisville, Texas. James Hurley, 42, and his son, Kaleb Hurley, 13, were in Cedar Hill Park enjoying a day by Lake Charlotte.

Kaleb was swimming by the bank with some friends and his brother, when suddenly, the alligator bit his arm and leg and pulled him under.

The boy’s grandfather, mother, and father all rushed into the water to stop the attack.

The grandfather, Mark Ford, explained, “When we figured out what was going on, the alligator jerked Kaleb away from him. His dad and I got a hold of Kaleb and got him away from the alligator.”

He added, “I nearly had a heart attack.”

The alligator reportedly attacked James Hurley in the skirmish too, biting onto the man’s leg. The father kicked it until it finally released and swam away.

Paramedics rushed James and his son to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where they are in serious but stable condition at last report. Click2Houston reported resident Shane Price’s description of the scene.

“I was coming home and I seen the ambulances and DPS and sheriffs here, and I find out later that someone got bit by an alligator. Too close to home. I live right down the street, couple minutes away and I got three kids. Little babies.”

Local authorities are reminding Texas residents that this is currently alligator nesting season, increasing the chances of an attack.

Likewise, recent floods have displaced many of the animals.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, floods have ripped apart Texas. President Obama declared it a national emergency, and 22 people died. CNN reports that there was enough rain in May to flood the entire state under eight inches of water, drastically changing the landscape for alligators.

Patricia Vannoy from Texas Parks and Wildlife explained, “We have a lot of backwaters, especially with the recent flooding that we’ve seen, there’s alligators in areas you might not find them more often.”

One of the paramedics responding to the alligator attack praised the father for his rescue to local news KHOU.

“He did something I would do as a father myself. My hat’s off to him. He went and defended his son.”

The father and his son are expected to make a full recovery from the alligator attack.

[Image Credit: Getty Images]