Mississippi Ghost Hunters Found Something They Weren’t Expecting: A Dead Body

ghost hunters find body

A group of Mississippi ghost hunters Sunday night stumbled upon something that they most assuredly didn’t expect to find: a dead body. They promptly beat a retreat.

As the Vicksburg Post reports, a group of ghost hunters was exploring the abandoned Kuhn Memorial State Hospital at about 7:00 p.m. when they found the body, says Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

“We found a white female that appears to be in her late 60’s with trauma to the head and the body has been sent to Jackson to be processed. There was some people over at the hospital ghost hunting and they stumbled upon the body, and they took off and reported it to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.”

It turns out that Vicksburg just happens to be in the midst of an ongoing homicide investigation, according to CBS News. In fact, the story is almost as creepy as any ghost story. Here’s what happened:

Police in the nearby town of Leland found a vehicle abandoned alongside the road. When they determined that the vehicle belonged to a 69-year-old Vicksburg woman, they notified Vicksburg police, who went to her house. There, they found signs of a disturbance, but no one was home. Then, on Sunday morning, a routine traffic stop turned up two men driving a stolen vehicle and carrying weapons; both were arrested. One of the men claimed to know the location of the missing woman’s body, and led police on a wild goose chase.

“The gentleman that we had with us that had been arrested in Leland was to show us where he had let the lady out of the vehicle, but that never panned out. We ended up canvassing several turn roads up there in hopes to find her, but we didn’t. We don’t believe that he was being truthful, we believe he was lying the whole time and only came back to Vicksburg when we heard that a body had been found.”

As of this post, police have not connected the body found by the ghost hunters with the missing woman, but Armstrong isn’t letting that stop him from putting two and two together.

“We can not say that the body found at the hospital is her, but this body happens to be that of a white female that matches the description of the [missing woman].”

The Kuhn State Hospital, where the body was found, is a popular destination for ghost hunters. The abandoned building, vacant since 1989, has been the site of creepy goings-on for years.

Although the body found by the ghost hunters has not officially been identified as of this post, Chief Armstrong has notified the family of the missing woman that a body matching her description has been found.

[Image courtesy of Shutterstock / Tom Tom]