‘General Hospital’ Teasers: Confrontations, Fireworks, And Big Decisions Ahead [Spoilers]

'General Hospital' star Chad Duell

What can viewers expect to see happen in Port Charles this week on General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there are shockers ahead, and fans are not going to want to miss a minute of the action. Fans know there’s a lot ahead regarding Luke and Laura, but there are other big developments on the way, as well.

Luke and Laura are dealing with a standoff on Monday’s episode, and they will be facing an unexpected obstacle, teases General Hospital spoilers via the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page. The couple will hear from Lucky’s kidnappers this week, while Holly is demanding to know if Ethan is in trouble, as well. Laura and Luke get a picture from Lucky’s kidnapper, notes Celeb Dirty Laundry, but the search continues.

Of course, GH fans know that Luke didn’t want to leave Tracy, and he’ll talk about being anxious to make his way back home to apologize and try to win her back. In the meantime, though, the search continues, and there’s said to be a surprising confrontation on the way.

Lulu and Dillon are in the mix of things with the search, as well, and Dante’s frustration over Lulu’s departure leads him to get a bit too close to Valerie. General Hospital spoilers tease that the two will share a kiss, and he’ll later admit that there seems to be something between them.

Maxie will know that Dante and Valerie are spending time together, and it seems she’ll vent to Nathan. However, Nathan will nudge her to focus on the upcoming fireworks, and some suspect he may have a proposal up his sleeve. While there may be happy times ahead, summer spoilers tease more turmoil for the couple coming, as well.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael will return Avery to Sonny, news that Denise catches up to soon and doesn’t care for at all. Denise and Franco will be trying to make Nina and Morgan jealous with a fake romance, and it seems to work. Will this serve to keep Morgan and Denise apart, though? It sounds as if the two will continue to feel pulled toward one another.

Things are heating up for Michael and Sabrina, while Sam has some harsh words for Nikolas once again. Nik will be scrambling on the ELQ front when Jake turns down his offer to stick around to lead security.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Jake will decide to stay by Michael’s side and promise to help fight back against Nik to regain control of ELQ. Apparently, Sam will join forces with them, which of course doesn’t please Liz.

Viewers will see fireworks at the end of the week as the Fourth of July festivities begin. There’s said to be romance ahead for at least one or two pairs, while there’s surely drama coming too. General Hospital spoilers for the episodes ahead tease that there’s more to come on the Hayden front, and fans may see some significant movement coming on the Jake-is-Jason front, too.

What’s coming next for Luke, Laura, and Lucky? It’s known that Lucky will be making it home to Port Charles at some point this summer, and viewers can’t wait to see it. Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see how the Spencer storyline comes together.

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