‘GTA V’ Hacker Finds ‘Zombie File’, Sparks Rumors Of Post-Apocalyptic DLC As Next Release

GTA V could have zombies in its next DLC, if we can believe the rumors surrounding a hacker who found the “Zombie file” in the source code.

GTA V has lived up to the expectations of millions of fans worldwide with its release in 2013, and remains to this day one of the highest rated and most played free-world game. Making over $800 million in the first twenty-four hours after its release, GTA V smashed all pre-existing records. Four years into its development, this free-world crime adventure game holds seven Guinness World Records, one for being the only Entertainment product to make $1 Billion within three days of its release.

Motoring Crunch reported that GTA V fans have been waiting for a post-apocalyptic DLC to the game for over a year now, and news of the Zombie file reportedly being found in the source code of the game was well received. It solidified the fact that Rockstar, the developers of GTA V, have begun their work on the post-apocalyptic DLC for the game, which is the Zombie DLC.

The hacker discovered the Zombie file, known as “main_ZMB”, in the GTA V‘s source code, which is thought to be the placeholder for the DLC. We can only assume that ZMB is short for Zombie, leading fans to believe that a Zombie DLC is in the works.

Based on reactions so far, it seems that fans are thrilled at the news.

That moment when my mom says my soul is going to hell because i added zombie eye contacts to my GTA V character, ok 😂 pic.twitter.com/xpcOuDU8wX — Fallen Demon (@FallenDemon29) June 23, 2015

A Zombie DLC is set to be a great boost to the already successful GTA V campaign. And as AutooMobile predicted, the GTA V Zombie version would be released as a separate package and would not interfere with the existing single player or multiplayer game.

There was a buzz around the gaming world about the release dates of GTA V‘s DLCs, which will include a Casino DLC. GTA V fans are yet to hear anything regarding the release of DLCs from Rockstar, the game developers.

Some fans and commentators remain dubious about the reliability of the source of this information, though other fans are heartened by reports that previous discoveries of files in source codes by other people have been true.

If this information is true, GTA V fans should prepare themselves to experience a mind-blowing Zombie DLC to propel their obsession with GTA V. But until the DLC is released, it’s just a waiting game for the millions of GTA V fans worldwide.

[Photo: Sean Gallup, Mario Tama / Getty Images]