Jonathan Morris: Fox News Priest Was Spat On By 2 Men At New York City Gay Pride Parade, He Gave The Perfect Response

Father Jonathan Morris, a Roman Catholic priest who regularly appears as a pundit on Fox News, has revealed that he was spat on by 2 men as he passed the New York City gay pride parade on Sunday.

Morris took to his Twitter account to reveal that he was spat upon by the individuals.

However, Morris refused to be angry at the pair, and instead defended their actions and stated that they’d probably got caught up in the excitement of the day.

Father Jonathan Morris found himself receiving praise and messages of support across Twitter for the way that he handled the incident.

Meanwhile, Father Jonathan Morris clearly didn’t let these antics ruin his day, as he later tweeted that he was still at the gay pride parade, and he even made a quip about one of the floats.

As well as working as an analyst for Fox News, Morris has previously provided reports for CNN, BBC, and Sky News, while he also worked alongside Mel Gibson as the theological adviser during the development of The Passion of the Christ.

[Image via Catholic Sun]