Robert De Niro Calls Mitt Romney’s Tax Bracket “Astoundingly Low”

Legendary actor, director and producer Robert De Niro does not mind paying high taxes and he’s willing to pay more, that is the message the Oscar winner delivered to Piers Morgan during his CNN interview on Monday night.

Speaking on everything from finances to Hollywood De Niro stood behind President Obama’s “Buffett Rule” which was just voted out by the US Senates GOP members on Monday night.

Speaking about the plan and its increased taxes for the rich De Niro said:

“As far as, again, the middle class, just having the opportunity that it should have, the taxes being paid compared to the people that have a lot of money, is ridiculous sometimes.”

Robert De Niro then adds:

“You hear about some people, the taxes they don’t pay, is like, insane.”

While the Taxi Driver and Raging Bull actor claims to pay “enormous” taxes he said he would be willing to pay more if it helped out the country and its citizens in general. As Robert De Niro puts it:

“I’ll do whatever I have to do, whatever’s fair.”

Turning the interviews attention towards the 2012 presidential race and more specifically Mitt Romney the actors revealed:

“Even people like Romney, the taxes he pays, are kind of astounding really, from what I’ve seen … Low. Yeah. Very low.”

Hollywood actors standing beside the Democrats is not an uncommon sight in Hollywood but these days actors are standing up for their views on taxation by standing up for the middle class even if their own pocketbooks are at risk of thinning out and that says a lot about the priorities of Hollywood when compared to the priorities of politics as usual.