Sandra Lee’s Breast Cancer Recovery: Food Network Celebrity Dealing With Another Setback

Sandra Lee's Breast Cancer Recovery: Food Network Star Dealing With Another Setback

Food Network celebrity, Sandra Lee, has suffered a setback in her double mastectomy recovery. The New York Daily News reports her wounds are not healing the way they should, which could lead to additional surgery. Her doctor is monitoring her over the next four weeks before deciding the next step in her treatment.

After revealing her breast cancer diagnosis to Good Morning America in May, Sandra Lee vowed to share her story to help raise awareness for early detection. Since then, she has been faithfully keeping her fans up-to-date on her breast cancer journey via social media. She has reached out to followers for encouragement and support, just as she has served as inspiration to many of them.

Last week, Lee revealed she is “not out of the woods yet.” She described a disappointing doctor’s visit, saying, “I feel like every time I go to a doctor’s appointment I’m looking for a gold star that never comes.” Sandra has remained positive throughout her ordeal, and remains so despite this major bump in the road. While she said she has to be “so very careful” to not overdo it, she knows she “will be up and around any minute.”

Sandra Lee said she it trying to visualize herself 100 percent healed and “maybe on the beach somewhere.” She desperately wants to be home and well to celebrate the Fourth of July and her birthday, which comes the day before. In an effort to make that happen, Lee began hyperbaric oxygen therapy earlier this month. Hyperbaric treatment can be helpful for severe burns, infections, and wounds that won’t heal. Lee said she is ready to try “anything and everything” to avoid another “massive surgical procedure.”

“So today I’m going to clean my house, put out my pretty flowers and hit the city to start my oxygen therapy — and I’m going to hope like h*** it works. Because I’d really like to not spend Fourth of July (and my birthday) in a hospital or back in bed with drains.”

Sandra Lee suffered a previous “painful setback” over Memorial Day, when she hurt herself turning in bed while trying to sleep. She had to spend the holiday recovering, which leaves her even more determined to be home for her 49th birthday and the Fourth of July. Even with that unexpected setback, the resilient lifestyle expert was soon working from home on the upcoming Fall/Halloween issue of her magazine. Hopefully, Lee conquers this current obstacle and enjoys her next holiday comfortably at home.

[Image by Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images]