UFC News: Conor McGregor Tells Jose Aldo To ‘Toughen The F**k Up And Fight Like A Man’

Last week, it was reported that the current UFC Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo, had suffered a rib injury during a sparring session, and that he may not be able to compete at next Saturday night’s UFC 189, where he’s scheduled to defend his championship against the ever-popular Conor McGregor. If the fight ends up taking place, it’ll be the biggest fight of this year by far. But, as of right now, the status of UFC 189’s main-event is up-in-the-air.

Conor McGregor — who is never at a loss for words — spoke with UFC Tonight’s Jon Anik about Jose Aldo’s injury and the status of the UFC 189 main-event. McGregor — as he has for several months — promised that he would be wearing UFC gold at the end of next Saturday night, regardless of who he fights. He also told Aldo to “toughen the f**k up, and fight like a man.”

“To be honest, it’s been a familiar week in the fight business, as many people sign on the dotted line and then don’t show up. It’s part of the business, so, it’s something that I have become accustom to, and, it is what it is. It’s part of the business. I’ll carry on as a professional, I will be there on July 10 at 145 pounds, and July 11 I will raise gold.

[Jose Aldo’s rib injury] doesn’t effect my approach at all. I’ve told him not to worry about his rib, it’s his the chin that I am hunting. I plan on cracking him in the chin and stiffening him up. I will not go out there and purposely target an area, similar to what he’s done previously to ‘The Korean Zombie’ I am not that kind of fighter. I will go out and I will crack the chin, which is what I’ve been envisioning in camp, so, I just hope he toughens up — a little bit of Ibuprofen, a little bit of ice, and little bit of toughen the f**k up.”

There are many who believe that — despite the severity of his injury — Aldo will end up fighting McGregor on July 11 because it’ll be the biggest payday of his career, by far. However, the decision isn’t up to Aldo — he has to be cleared by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which may be an issue if his ribs are actually fractured, as there have been conflicting reports regarding Aldo’s injury — some say they’re fractured, others say they’re bruised.

If Aldo is unable to fight, Chad Mendes will take his place, and the bout will be an interim championship bout, with the winner obviously facing Aldo for the undisputed title whenever he’s ready to return to the octagon.

[Image via Esther Lin / MMA Fighting]