Apple’s Mac Pro Line Hit With Ordering, Shipping Delays

If you were planning to order a high-end Apple Mac Pro desktop you could be hit with delays that are nearly a month in length. AppleInsider reported on Monday that some users who ordered 12-core systems in March are still waiting for their desktop systems to arrive.

While orders for some buyers at first claimed “three to five business days” those times quickly shifted until early and then mid April with Mac Pro’s still not delivered in a timely manner.

When a representative from AppleInsider reached out to Apple they were told that a 12-core system required special shipping directly from China which in turn delayed the system. In the meantime Apple did not mention such a significant delay when the 12-core option was chosen.

This isn’t the first time we have heard of Mac Pro shipment delays, Amazon last week briefly ran out of eight-core Mac Pro systems.

While users currently buying Apple Mac Pro systems may be upset about the delays it could signal good news for future buyers. Apple often witnesses system delays when it is preparing to launch upgrades to their systems and the Mac Pro units haven’t been updated since July 2010.

In what could be bad news there are some analysts who believe Apple will kill off the Mac Pro line because of low margins and increased interest in mobile and iMac devices.

In the meantime ending the Mac Pro line would likely mean that high-end professionals turn to Windows or Linux systems since Apple’s iMac line lacks the type of computing power offered by higher-end PCs. On the other hand more powerful iMac systems could be on the horizon and that would be even more awesome than a simple product line upgrade.