Ginger Zee Pregnant: ‘Good Morning America’ Star Expecting First Child

Meteorologist Ginger Zee is pregnant with her first child!

The Good Morning America star decided to announce the expectation of her bundle of joy on the air Monday, according to Yahoo.

The 34-year-old television personality also shared exactly how she is feeling about the pregnancy, in addition to giving a very special “forecast” of her own.

“This is the most nervous I’ve been in a while. The forecast for delivery is in December.”

Ginger Zee, the wife of NBC correspondent Ben Aaron, also shared a picture of her unborn baby’s sonogram picture with her Twitter followers Monday morning.

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron became husband and wife on June 7, 2014, at the Inn at Bay Harbor in Petoskey, located in Michigan. In a post-wedding interview with MLive, Ginger and Ben both had a chance to open up about their desire to become parents naturally and through adoption, as well.

BEN AARON: “We definitely want kids. We are adamant on adopting as well.”

GINGER ZEE: “That’s one of the reasons I knew about Ben. Some people don’t get adoption and he is in it with me. There are so many kids who need love.”

Aaron also quipped that adopting “did great for Angelina Jolie and we need that kind of publicity.”

During the same interview, Ginger Zee also had a chance to share the newlywed couple’s wedding story. Zee claimed that everything was absolutely perfect on her big day, even when certain uninvited guests started to literally “bug” them.

“The weather could not have been more perfect. Mid 70s and high clouds, I couldn’t have written it better… Everyone has a story. We had the perfect weekend and the perfect day but you have to have something. For us, we thought we’d invite 55 people and around a million and thirty flies. Mayflies in June … I wonder if the longer winter had something to do with that.”

Zee also admitted that she cried a lot throughout her special day — including when she first saw the beautiful setup arranged by her wedding planner and when she walked down the aisle.

“I cried, too. I knew it was going to be beautiful, but to see it. Francesco poured his heart and soul into this. I thought I was done crying after the private vows but then walking down the aisle I saw my aunt and her face and it was like the vomit scene in ‘The Goonies.’ It was totally contagious.”

Quite a few Good Morning America fans and critics congratulated Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron for their exciting news via social media.

[Image Credit: Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images]