Tyler Perry & Bobbi’s Family Gather As Nick Gordon Faces $10M Lawsuit For Bobbi Kristina Abuse & Theft [Photos]

Tyler Perry has gathered with Bobbi Kristina’s family as they stay close to the hospice room of Whitney Houston’s and Bobby Brown’s 22-year-old daughter. The director and actor first became friends with Whitney, then gradually became almost a member of the Brown and Houston family. And since January 31, when Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in the home she shared with Nick Gordon, Tyler has remained in constant contact with her relatives, reported People.

After working with Bobbi Kristina when she guest-starred on his show, For Better or Worse, Perry previously headed to the 22-year-old’s hospital room in February. The 45-year-old actor/director/producer also helped Bobby by providing his private plane so that the singer could be transported quickly to visit Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina Brown is in hospice care.
Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown lies in hospice, visited by family and Tyler Perry.

In addition to Perry, Bobbi Kristina’s aunt (Pat Houston), Tina Brown, and Leolah Brown have visited Bobbi Kristina.

But while the family prays for the young woman, the future of her beau Nick Gordon looks grim after a lawsuit charged him with abuse and theft, as the Inquisitr reported.

Bobbi Kristina’s court-appointed conservator claimed that Nick stole more than $11,000 from her accounts before and during her coma. The lawsuit also alleges that Gordon is guilty of domestic violence.

Following up, the conservator expressed the implications of the lawsuit, which seeks a minimum of $10 million.

Was Bobbi Kristina abused by Nick Gordon?
Bobbi Kristina Brown (R) was abused by Nick Gordon, charges lawsuit.

“No human being, male or female, should endure what Bobbi Kristina endured. Pat Houston and Bobby Brown have done all they can to take care of Bobbi Kristina since this terrible tragedy occurred. This lawsuit represents our collective efforts to get justice for Bobbi Kristina.”

Tyler has sought to help Bobbi Kristina since Whitney’s death. However, the troubled young woman left his show after just a few episodes, reported Radar Online.

“She thought she was ready for this, but she wasn’t,” revealed an insider.

Bobbi burst into tears after exiting the set. Perry was left trying to revise the script to cover that exit, but he stood behind the young woman.

“Bobbi Kristina had a private breakdown and barely anyone saw it,” added the source. “She was crying and said she needed a minute, she needed a break to get herself together. But then she decided she couldn’t handle doing the show right now. She’s still mourning her mom.”

Whitney Houston mourned by Bobbi Kristina.
Singer Whitney Houston (L) was mourned by Bobbi Kristina Brown for years.

Now, as Bobbi’s family prays for a miracle, Gordon is on the hot seat as the district attorney is escalating its investigation as to what really happened before and on January 31, reported TMZ.

If and when Bobbi Kristina dies, a murder investigation would involve Nick Gordon as the key.

“In view of the new circumstances regarding the health status of Bobbi Kristina Brown, we will be reviewing the case with greater interest,” said the Fulton County district attorney.

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