‘Wizard Of Oz’ Gets ‘Avengers’-Style Remix In Must-See Video

Age of Tinman Avengers Wizard of Oz

It may take more than three heel clicks to get Dorothy out of this one! A new video by visual effects artist Darren Wallace brings together two movies that couldn’t be more different: The Wizard of Oz and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The mash-up is called “Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man,” and puts a relatively dark spin on the 1939 classic.

The video is based on the original Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer, which debuted in full definition after first leaking ahead of schedule. In this do-over, the voice we’re hearing isn’t supposed to be Ultron — instead, it’s the Tin Man. It looks like his lack of a heart will apparently have devastating consequences for Oz. So much for crying until he rusts!

The Avengers/Oz parody gifts us more than just an “Ultron” version of Tin Man. We see the Scarecrow reimagined as none other than Captain America. This re-cast would no doubt leave the door open for Tony Stark to make an infinite number of “brainless” jokes.

The Cowardly Lion might be a miscast as the mighty Thor, as he does far more roaring than cowering in the trailer. As for Dorothy, we find out that she’s Black Widow, thanks to a handbasket on her motorbike featuring the beloved Cairn Terrier, Toto.

Although the Wicked Witch of the West was the main baddie in The Wizard of Oz, she plays the role of lackey to Tin Man in Avengers of Oz. With Scarlet Witch introduced in the Avengers sequel, it’s no surprise that Wallace had her pegged as the green villainess for the mash-up. Unfortunately for her brother, Quicksilver, he was relegated to “flying monkey” status.

What’s interesting is that there are a couple of genuine links between The Wizard of Oz and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you recall in the first Avengers movie, Nick Fury made a reference to Loki turning the Avenger Hawkeye into his “personal flying monkey,” a joke that referenced The Wizard of Oz. Captain America, fresh from a time period where Oz was far more recent, got the joke — a fact he was hilariously proud of.

The sequel Return to Oz was produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Disney currently owns Marvel Studios, the company behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking of Return to Oz, the sequel was noted as both darker than The Wizard of Oz and truer to the L. Frank Baum books. Despite this, it wasn’t very well received.

As of now, the “Avengers: Age of Tin Man” video has a little over 1.4 million views.

[Image Credit: Darren Wallace]