Jack White Teams Up With Gary Oldman For Live Streaming Concert

Rocker Jack White is preparing to release his first solo album and in celebration of that event the singer/songwriter will stream a concert live online and it will be directed by none other than Gary Oldman.

The live streamed event will be the first installment in season three of American Express’ “Unstaged” series” which teams up top acts with renowned filmmakers to give fans a unique and professional concert from the convenience of their own computer and mobile displays.

Jack White and Gary Oldman will team up for a concert at New York’s Webster Hall and that event will be streamed live April 27 (9 p.m. EST) on Vevo.

Fans of Jack White will be well prepared for the April 27 show if they head out a few days earlier and pick up Blunderbuss when it released on April 24.

In any case it is likely that the show will be a huge hit, since launching Unstaged has drawn in more than 70 million viewers for the likes of Arcade Fire, Mary. J Blige, Coldplay and various other artists who have chosen to share their live performances with a live audience and internet based fans.

While Gary Oldman is best known for his acting chops he’s no stranger to working behind the camera, in 1997 Oldman’s film “Nil by Mouth” was a critically-acclaimed production.

For fans of Jack White this is a “no-brainer” must watch event, of course before everyone can start shouting out requests they’ll want to take in the entire album over a three day period in preparation for the show. Here’s a start to your decision making process:

Will you be logging on to catch Jack White as seen through the eyes of Gary Oldman?