WWE News: Triple H Looking To Finally Strengthen Main Roster WWE Diva Division

Charlotte Sasha

For some time now, WWE has suffered with bad matches with their WWE Divas on the main roster. There have been exceptions here and there, but nothing changed for some time. When Trish Stratus and Lita left, only people like Eve Torres and Michelle McCool seemed to be capable of putting on a good match. Natalya would do relatively well herself, but even Nattie can’t save some matches if her opponent isn’t on her level.

From around 2006 to 2013, there are few, if any, female matches of note. Enter 2014, and WWE NXT provides some of the best matches we have ever seen, many of which included the NXT Divas. So what changed?

WWE decided to bring in those with outside experience, which helped a lot. However, they still kept with the idea that they could train any girl to wrestle. So they kept hiring models throughout. In fact, Charlotte might be the daughter of Ric Flair, but she had no prior wrestling experience before coming into WWE. She looked good and was a personal trainer before the hiring. WWE saw potential and she has developed into a fantastic talent. This could have been in her blood all along, though. The same sort of thing happened with Randy Orton, who barely spent time in OVW before being called up. He just had “it” though, and turned out well.

WWE sees the potential of NXT, especially Triple H. This is why Triple H is set to do an overhaul of the Diva Division, if you will. According to Daily Wrestling News, Triple H is looking to finally call up some NXT women to help with the sinking Diva Division. It is expected that both Charlotte and Sasha Banks will be brought up very soon.

There is still a big rumor that the NXTs Four Horsewomen could very well be called up together. This would include Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley. However, it is not yet known if they want to bring all four up at this point.

The feeling is that Charlotte and Banks have been ready for some time, but WWE simply had no need to bring them up or no room. This has now changed. The thought among many is that once the NXT girls are brought up, a lot of focus will be put on the Diva Division to help it improve. This could mean longer matches, or multiple rivalries — even outside the WWE Divas Championship. WWE would never do this with their current Diva roster. So the idea is that when they have the proper talent, the girls will get the time they really want. We will have to see if they actually go through with it though.

[IMG Credit: SashaBanks.com]