Video Of 'Frankenstein Meat' Goes Viral, Enough To Make You Vegan [Video]

A video showing what has been termed "Frankenstein meat" has been wildly doing the social media rounds and it's pretty disgusting. In fact, it's likely to make a lot of people go vegan, or at least try vegetarianism.

This apparently happened in China, where there's quite enough controversy over the brutal and horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival as it is. Now we see what good old "normal" beef can look like in that same country. Warning: The video footage could upset sensitive stomachs.

In the video above, we can watch as a slab of raw beef appears to start pulsating. Frankenstein meat describes the effect absolutely perfectly.

Many people on the social media have apparently stated they are considering turning vegetarian or vegan after watching this very disturbing CCTV footage.The Chinese news outlet CCTV shared the video of the newly purchased beef on their Facebook page where it is getting thousands of views.

No one on the social media appears to know what exactly is wrong with the Frankenstein meat, but some are suggesting it was infested with maggots, thus creating that horrific pulsating effect.

However, on the original post on Facebook, CCTV says the meat is actually so darn fresh, the nerve endings are still twitching.
"Cheng, a local woman from Sishui county, Shandong Province was shocked to discover that the slab of beef she had just purchased appeared to be beating like a heart. Understandably horrified at the situation, she chose to record the event, rather than eat it. However health experts say the meat is certainly edible and the twitching was caused by nerve endings that had not yet died. Delicious."
And thank goodness she didn't eat it, despite what the health experts say - can you imagine actually consuming this pulsating slab of Frankenstein meat? Apparently the story didn't turn everyone against meat, but some said they will avoid Frankenstein meat in the future.According to the Mirror Online, back in March there was a story about a zombie cuttlefish or squid which apparently danced when someone put soy sauce on it. This was reportedly due to the high salt levels in the soy sauce contracting the fish's muscles.

That particular story was old, as the video footage appeared back in 2011, but anyone who saw that story was probably put off fish as well. The video below explains scientifically exactly what happened with the "zombie" squid and even includes some brief footage of some frogs legs coming to life. Lovely.

Talking Frankenstein meat, the Inquisitr recently reported on Bill Maher's frustrating reaction to the anti-meat labeling bill which only adds to the fact that people just don't know what they are eating these days.

[Image: Screengrab from CCTV video]