Dog Dies After Being Left In Hot Car For Four Hours While Owners Shop [Graphic Video]

Many people love to take their canine companions with them when they go out. But it is better to leave a dog at home than to leave it in a hot car to become ill — or even die. In a video posted on Live Leak, a boxer is seen desperately gasping for breath while a police officer smashes the car window to try to rescue the distressed dog. The owners of Fidji, the 14-month-old dog, purportedly went shopping for four hours while their dog suffered, according to Metro.

Fidji was removed from the car and had water poured over him in an attempt to cool him. The video shows the car outside of IKEA in the northwestern region of Spain as it was broken into to attempt to save the dog, according to the Independent.

The video went viral and has been viewed over 138,000 times. Passersby gathered around as Fidji is lifted to the floor. Many bystanders had tears at the sight of the dog struggling to breathe, and even the cool water poured over him was insufficient to lower a body temperature that had spiraled out of control because of being locked in a hot car for such a long period. The title of the video is “DO NOT LEAVE PETS IN CARS.” Good advice.

The following video is very hard to watch for animal lovers. Seeing a dog in such distress can be very emotional. This is especially true when the dog did not have to suffer if the owners had not left him to bake in a sweltering car. People often don’t realize how quickly a car can heat up, becoming a death box sometimes even within minutes. But ignorance should not be any excuse where a life is concerned.

The graphic video is included below.

Fidji had a massive amount of internal bleeding and underwent emergency treatment and a grueling three-hour operation before he died at 8 p.m. the same day. The caption to the video added that the dog belonged to a French family that was en route to a wedding in Spain. They had stopped off at Ikea to find a wedding gift.

What penalty, if any, do you believe should be given to Fidji’s owners? Should they receive jail time? Should they ever be able to have any other pets? Please leave your comments below.

Some animal abuse is done on purpose and is also cringeworthy. Brett Berry, 48, a deputy and K-9 handler from Ramsey County, has been charged with animal cruelty after he was caught on a security camera video slamming a dog to the ground and beating it, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Photo and Video Courtesy YouTube]