Game Featuring Drake ‘100’: Meet One Of The Producers — Johnny Juliano

Game and Drake’s new track, “100,” is one of the newest pieces of musical heat circulating the internet. Though Drizzy and Game work the lyrics, Johnny Juliano is one of the producers who help make the track a success.

In the song’s hook, Drake’s lyrics state, “Y’all better not come to my studio with that fake sh*t.”

If it’s one thing Johnny knows, it’s studio time. While he may be a stranger to some, several musical artists and producers know of his name, even if they haven’t used his works.

Juliano’s contribution to Game and Drizzy’s “100” — along with fellow producer Cardo — doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise though. When you listen to the track, the music is quite different than what is normally heard in mainstream hip hop.

So dope to hear the homie @JohnnyJuliano tag on a Drake record. Only right that great production meet with great artists. 💯 — MisterNeek (@MisterNeek) June 25, 2015

Johnny’s always had a different sound. From early days of working with Superstar O and Vybe Beatz to now, Johnny has remained humble while awaiting his time.

Even after gaining the credits for “100,” this producer has continued to keep it meek. Via Instagram, he’s only made two posts about the production accomplishment.

His main comment only says, “Can’t even begin to convey how feel right now.”

Game Feat. Drake '100' - Johnny Juliano - One Of The Producers
Credits: Instagram

As aforementioned, he has several major-artist credits. However, this one is on a different level. It’s a viral sensation with two heavy-hitters.

It’s interesting that Drake is the major artist Juliano has produced to gain notoriety credits with the public. Years ago, in Wiz Khalifa’s earlier works, Johnny was responsible for a lot of it. Both Khalifa and Juliano are from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While Johnny has a sizable following on Instagram, he has an even larger following via Twitter at approximately 55,000 followers. And it’s via that medium that several people continue to give him shout-outs for his accomplishment.

What about you? Before Game and Drake’s “100,” had you heard of Johnny Juliano? If you search around, you’d be surprised that you hadn’t.

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[Photo Credits: Instagram]