Miley Cyrus Strikes Back in Slant Eyed Photo Scandal

Miley Cyrus’ attorneys have asked the judge to throw out a racism lawsuit filed against her for discriminating against Asians in photos with her friends. Miley’s Lawyers insist the woman suing her is only seeking to “harass and embarrass” the star and destroy her public image.

Lucie J. Kim filed a lawsuit back in February, on behalf of the one million-plus Asian-Pacific Islanders who call Los Angeles home. The suit was filed after photos showing Cyrus and a group of friends appeared to mock Asians by pulling on the corners of their eyes were leaked online. More from The Inquisitr here and here.

Miley Cyrus’ lawyers are striking back, filing court documents that request the judge sanction Kim’s lawyers for launching “a manifestly frivolous” lawsuit that serves as a “publicity stunt in an effort to publicly embarrass and harass (Cyrus) and to obtain a large and quick class-action settlement.”

miley cyrus asian photo

According to, Cyrus’ legal team is also asking Kim to pay her legal bills incurred so far, which add up to $26,685.