Sam Smith Won A BET Award, But Wasn’t Present To Collect It

Pop star Sam Smith won Best New Artist at the 2015 BET Awards tonight. The singer, known for his soulful crooning, was absent at the awards, but a doppelganger showed up in his place. Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson appeared on stage with his Sam Smith inspired hair piece to collect the award.

While accepting the award. Anderson made several jokes about Sam Smith not showing up to the BET Awards. The joke that got the biggest response was the joke about why Anderson believed Smith was not present.

“Sam Smith could not be here tonight because he’s white, and he didn’t think he would win at the BET Awards and he didn’t think he could win, but we showed him that we love him too.”

Anthony Anderson proceeded to sing Sam Smith’s famous “Stay With Me,” terribly off key, while making yet another joke.

“This is going to stay with me because you didn’t show up for BET. Although this trophy is yours it’s going to stay with me.”

Once that joke inspired laughter from the BET Awards crowd, Anderson continued by inviting Sam Smith to his home to retrieve his award.

“Sam Smith, congratulations brother on your much deserved award, you come by my house next week and pick it up.”

While Anthony Anderson played an interesting version of Sam Smith, everyone wanted to know where exactly was the real Sam Smith? The last the world heard form the singer was during the highly talked about Glastonbury festival, where Smith tweeted about one of his friends, Jessie Ware performing.

Sam Smith is on a roll this year, and the BET Awards is just a small part of it. The singer won four Grammy Awards in 2015 including Song of the Year and Album of the Year according to NPR. During his Grammy Awards performance, the pop star performed his hit song “Stay With Me,” backed by Mary J. Blige and brought down the house. The BET Awards reportedly, already knew that Sam Smith would not show up to the show, so they actually rehearsed the Anthony Anderson impersonation to make up for Sam Smith’s absence. But with performances like P. Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment 20-year anniversary performance, Smokey Robinson and the Janet Jackson tribute, a performance by Sam Smith could’ve have made the show better but his absence didn’t shut down the show altogether.

[Image via People Magazine]