Dragon’s Dogma Demo Hitting PSN, XBL Next Week

Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s take on the modern western RPG genre, will be getting a demo next week on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, the developer announced today.

More specifically, Capcom says that the Dragon’s Dogma demo will be made available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live starting Tuesday, April 24. For PlayStation 3 users over in Europe, you’ll have to wait one extra day to get your hands on the demo.

According to a post over on Capcom Unity, the Dragon’s Dogma demo allows gamers to play as the standard sword-and-board fighter class. The demo, which takes place before the main game, sees your character traversing underground tunnels before engaging in battle with a gigantic chimera.

If you’re not a fan of swinging a sword around for the duration of the Dragon’s Dogma demo, you’ll also be able to play as the game’s Strider class, which plays more akin to a rogue with dual daggers and a shortbow. Playing as a Strider will put you against a Griffin in an open field.

If just playing the game early isn’t enough incentive to get you to download the Dragon’s Dogma demo, Capcom also says that you’ll be able to import your character from the demo straight to the main game when it’s released May 22 in North Aemrica.

Are you looking forward to trying out Dragon’s Dogma?

Source: Capcom