Crop Circles Discovered Near Turin, Italy And Estella, Navarra, Spain [Video]

Two crop circles suddenly appeared in wheat fields in Italy and Spain last week.

The mysterious carvings were done in one of the fields of Estella, Spain, where several circles could be found drawn on barley and wheat fields.

The remarkable images, which were captured by a drone, show two unique designs.

The first crop circle has a large dot in the center with a circle around it, followed by a broken circle surrounding that circle, and then what appear to be tiny triangles complete the drawing with another circle on the outside. This was found in Turin, Italy.

The second crop circle – which was discovered in Estella, Navarra, Spain – seems to be of a simpler design and appears to be a spiral that is impeccably drawn.

As the mystery behind these strange findings continues, more of them seem to be popping up across the globe.

The U.K., however, looks like a hotbed for these crop circles, and the video below shows several carvings that were recently found in Horsham, West Sussex; Redlynch, Somerset; and Yatesbury, Wiltshire.

[Image via Crop Circle Connector]