Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Team Could Trade Russell Wilson If Contract Talks Don’t Progress

The Seattle Seahawks are rumored to be inching closer to a deal to lock down Russell Wilson, but there are insiders who believe the team could end up trading Wilson if they can’t come to terms on a new deal.

Wilson and the Seahawks have been locked in a contract stalemate, with the team reportedly unwilling to meet Wilson’s demands. Now there is speculation that Wilson could end up on the trade block if he doesn’t get a contract extension.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk said that a trade before or on the 2015, but could be a reality after the season.

“But they could be there by February. If ongoing discussions (discussions that could be continuing as soon as this week) fail to result in a long-term deal, the Seahawks could opt for a trade of Wilson over mere placement of the non-exclusive tender and acceptance of a pair of first-round picks from whichever team convinces Wilson to sign.”

“Here’s how it likely would unfold. The Seahawks would apply the exclusive franchise tag, preventing another team (like the Rams, a division rival) from pursuing Wilson. The Seahawks then could shop Wilson, simultaneously controlling his next destination and seeking compensation other than a pair of first-round picks.”

The Super Bowl winner spoke out on Saturday, saying he hopes to remain with the team “for a very, very long time.”

“The contract will work out. It will work itself out,” Wilson said. “I’m excited about it. I’m excited to hopefully be a Seattle Seahawks for a very, very long time. So that’s the goal.”

Just days ago, the idea of Russell Wilson staying in Seattle was looking remote. Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reported that Wilson wanted to become the highest-paid player in the league, which was creating tension with the team. At the time Florio reported that it was likely Wilson would play for another team in 2016.

Wilson’s camp has kept an optimistic throughout the process. Just a few weeks ago, his agent, Mark Rodgers, said Wilson’s demands were reasonable and called the negotiations an “ongoing dialogue” with the team.

“We’ve had an ongoing dialogue, not all of it being a negotiation,” Rodgers told 710 ESPN radio in Seattle. “Some of it just being philosophical and really trying to understand each other’s positions. I would characterize our talks as ongoing, fluid, robust at times, thoughtful and we’ve made progress. Frankly, about 95 percent of the speculation has been off point. I would characterize [the negotiations] as positive and encouraging.”

While Russell Wilson and his agent may be optimistic, the rumors are likely to follow the Seattle Seahawks until either a deal is inked or he is on a new team.

[Image via Getty Images/Elsa]