Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, And James May Leave After Finale, Will We See ‘Top Gear’ Cancelled?

When it comes to the success of BBC’s Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May could arguably be called the heart and soul of the long-running series. But if that soul “hates” what the series has become, what to do?

Now that the Top Gear finale is out of the way, it seems that all three are jumping ship to ITV to produce a new series which will compete directly with BBC’s Top Gear. While the ratings are still expected to be pretty good, you have to wonder if we’ll see Top Gear cancelled soon enough with the loss of all its hosts.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Chris Evans is the name of the new host for Top Gear Season 23. Jeremy Clarkson also says he knows who is responsible for his firing from the popular show.

The finale for Top Gear Season 22 was apparently filmed shortly before Clarkson was officially fired. Instead of the usual format featuring a live audience, James May and Richard Hammond did a presentation inside of an empty room. Clarkson was nowhere to be seen, although BBC literally referenced the tense situation by putting a giant, plastic “elephant in the room” named Jeremy.

Regardless, Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear finale episode did allow him to get the last word in somewhat. During one section, he’s shown stuck in a muddy river and he complains, “I hate working on Top Gear.” Clarkson also made his opinion even more notable by writing a column where he claimed the end of Top Gear Season 22 was “cobbled together.”

“Strange that BBC News is talking down the last Top Gear tonight,” Clarkson said on Twitter. “Do they not want big ratings for some reason?”

Top Gear fans were also put off by Jeremy Clarkson’s absence.

Fortunately, fans will not have to miss Jeremy for too long. The Mirror is reporting that James May and Richard Hammond will be joining Clarkson in order to present a new motoring show for English broadcaster ITV. It is said Clarkson is hoping to make the new ITV show as “anarchic, edgy and funny” as Top Gear was before his firing. They are even going to be competing directly with Chris Evans’ Top Gear.

“The boys believe with the backing of ITV and a prime-time slot they can easily match, and probably beat, their BBC2 viewing figures,” a source said. “The thought of making a show for the BBC’s main rival is very appealing for them.”

Do you think BBC should have Top Gear cancelled with the departure of all its hosts?

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