Shoe Bomber Strikes Deal, Will Testify Against New York Subway Terrorist

In what is being called an “unprecedented deal” convicted would-be shoe bomber Saajid Muhammed Badat has agreed to testify against would-be New York City subway bomber Adis Medunjanin in exchange for a slightly shorter prison term.

Saajid was sentenced to 13 years in prison by British prosecutors after he chickened out on his shoe bombing attempt, at the time Badat had planned to blow up a trans-Atlantic flight but ended up with cold feet and abandoned the attack.

Under the deal Badat’s prisoner term will be shortened from 13 years to 11 years.

Prosecutors in the United States on Monday began the trial of Adis Medunjanin after the would-be terrorist pled “not-guilty” to the charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction and other terrorist charges.

In the meantime two of Adis’ former Queens schoolmates have already pled guilty for their part in planning the attack and both men have agreed to help the prosecution.

In describing how close Adis and his friends came to executing their plan US Attorney James Loonam said:

“These men came within days of carrying out these attacks, before they were stopped by the FBI and the NYPD.”

Loonam added:

“These three men were al Qaeda terrorists – al Qaeda terrorists living right here in the United States.”

When asked about shortening the prison sentence of a would-be terrorist one prosecutor noted:

“We considered very carefully the merits of entering into this agreement with a convicted terrorist,” and realized the decision benefited “the administration of justice internationally.”

Even without Saajid’s sentence the case against Adis Medunjanin is strong, especially after he fled from his home during an FBI investigation and crashed his car into another vehicle on the Whitestone Expressway while traveling 90mph in a poorly executed get away attempt.