Allen West: ‘This American Republic Will Collapse’ [Video]

Representative Allen West sure knows how to make an impression. The Florida Congressman just got himself into hot water by calling Democratic members of Congress a bunch of communists. This time he is going after President Obama for his handling of the debt crisis.

Conservative New Media caught up with West at Palm Beach County’s Tea Party “Tax Day” event on Sunday. He had the following to say about Obama’s handling of the debt crisis,

“It’s much the same as Alexis de Tocqueville talked about in ‘Democracy In America’ — that this American republic will collapse once Congress and obviously our president realizes they can bribe the public by using the public’s treasury,”

Just last week West spoke at a town hall meeting saying he thought that at least 78 members of the Democratic Party were also members of the Communist Party.

Responding to West, Democratic Representative Barney Frank responded for the Democrats saying,

“not even Joe McCarthy would have said anything so stupid and dissociated from reality.”

Allen West has been a favorite of the Tea Party. He has been one of President Obama’s strongest critics. He ha s been a favorite of the Right and attacked as a lunatic by the Left.

West’s antics have served him very well from a fundraising standpoint. The Palm Beach Post reports that West has already raised more than $1.8 million during the first quarter of 2012. He has a primary challenger, Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder, who has only raised on $26,000 in total.

Watch a video of Allen West speaking about Obama