WWE Rumors: When Could Sting Return To WWE And Who Would He Feud With?

Ever since WrestleMania 31 and his loss to Triple H, there has been no sign of Sting, “the vigilante.” It’s kind of expected that WWE fans don’t see The Undertaker for long periods of time, but will the same happen with Sting, or is the former WCW icon done? Rumors have been swirling though as to when Sting may return to WWE and who he could feud with once he’s back.

As with The Undertaker, it’s kind of known by this point that he will usually only be seen each year at WrestleMania. With Sting having just arrived on the WWE scene this past November, no-one really knows what to think.

Rumors had been flying around that Sting could end up wrestling at SummerSlam in August, but there’s been no hint to that happening. Brock Lesnar‘s early return to WWE television means his build-up can go on for a bit longer.

If Sting were to show up at WWE Battleground on July 19 or the night after on RAW, Sting would have a month to start a program. Still, not many believe that’s the way that WWE is going to play this.

Whenever Sting does make his return to WWE, Sports World News believes they know the top three feuds for him.

bray wyatt sting

This would be a fantastic feud as Sting knows the ins-and-outs of the wrestling business while Bray Wyatt is still a great future star. Wyatt’s creepy nature and promos would be perfect for the man known as Sting, who has hidden in the shadows for so long.

Wyatt could actually bring up Sting’s time in the WCW rafters and relive a lot of history that made the two characters very similar.

seth rollins sting

Seth Rollins actually reminds a lot of people as a young Steve Borden when he wore brightly colored tights, bright facepaint, and hailed from California. There was a lot of potential in the blonde-haired Sting, and the same can be said for Rollins.

This would be a feud of past vs. present/future, and it would be a great way for Sting to interact with one of the top stars today.

undertaker sting

This is the most obvious feud for Sting and some fans are still fearing that it may never end up happening. It could be one that WWE holds off on until WrestleMania 32 for Undertaker’s last hurrah in his home state.

One has to wonder about that logic, though. It is hard to think that WWE would have Undertaker lose at WrestleMania again, and also his retirement match. It’s also hard to believe that Sting would lose his second match in WWE and end up 0-2.

There are plenty of feuds that Sting could get involved in upon his return to WWE, or he may just be done. That’s hard to imagine, though, as he would probably want a retirement match, but who knows? Now, all we can do is sit back and wait for “The Vigilante” to return and the crow to caw.

[Image via WWE]