Belle Gibson In ’60 Minutes’ Full Video Interview — Blogger Explains Why She Lied About Cancer, Twitter Goes Crazy [Video]

“Fresh evidence of Belle Gibson’s lies will be exposed in a 60 Minutes report this Sunday. After a three-month investigation, reporter Tara Brown confronted the fraudulent wellness guru in a tense interview.”

Belle is being called a pathological liar who might believe her own lies about claiming to have cancer.

Having once been a successful health blogger who claimed that her healthy eating healed her cancerous tumor, Gibson’s double-speak on 60 Minutes is the talk of social media. As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Belle spoke during her 60 Minutes interview about doctors, chemo, birth certificates, and more weirdness in the wake of Gibson being caught in her lies about cancerous brain tumors. Having hit the big-time with a best-selling cookbook called The Whole Pantry, Belle also found success with a mobile food app.

“I’ve not been intentionally untruthful. I’ve been completely open when speaking about what was my reality and what is my reality now. It doesn’t match your normal or your reality.”

It is those types of quotes from Belle on 60 Minutes that are getting the former blogger roasted on Twitter by those who simply want Gibson to admit that she lied about cancer.

Belle didn’t just lie about not having cancer, but Gibson’s 60 Minutes interview revealed she has lied about her age, as well. Instead of being 23, Belle says that she’s currently 26 — but blamed that lie on having two birth certificates.

The looks and reactions from 60 Minutes interview have also gotten strong reactions on social media.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Belle has told folks that she doesn’t want their forgiveness.

Indeed, Belle’s 60 Minutes interview is proving to be one of the most popular for the news magazine as of late.

[Image via 60 Minutes]