Microsoft Job Posting Points To Skype For Browsers Implementation

With software developers moving more of their platforms online and into the cloud it was only a matter of time before regular apps were converted en mass and that looks to be the goal for Microsoft’s Skype platform.

The tech giant on Monday posted a job advert on its official careers website which seeks developers in London and Prague who can help create an HTML5 program the company is calling “Skype for Browsers.”

In the job posting Microsoft writes:

“Team Rendezvous at Skype is looking for passionate, team-oriented and self-motivated Developers to help us bring Skype experience on to the Web. You will have a chance to integrate existing Skype solutions on to the web with the support of the backend services built from the ground up using [the] latest Microsoft technologies. [The] result of your work will be used by hundreds millions of thankful users worldwide.”

Anyone who started using Facebook video chat in July has been treated to a Skype powered web browser application however this would be the first stand-alone website version of the system to solely carry the Skype name.

While not yet confirmed there is also the possibility that the job posting could have something to do with Windows Live Wave 5 which has been touted to have an upcoming web-based video chat.

Moving towards web based browsing is an important step in Skype’s evolution, especially as the company sees tougher competition from the likes of Google+ Hangouts and other upcoming tech companies vying for a part of the multi-billion VoIP/Video internet chat business.