Zayn Malik Justified: Study Says Tour Stress Causes Mental Health Issues

Maryam Louise - Author

Jun. 28 2015, Updated 3:57 a.m. ET

When Zayn Malik quit One Direction, fans were mortified. But could there be solid evidence backing up Zayn Malik’s claim that touring full-time is a bad deal?

As it turns out, the internet is a major reason that musicians are touring constantly — and touring constantly is not the great idea everyone thought it would be.

Liam Payne is known for teasing Zayn Malik, and he definitely rubbed it in when Zayn Malik quit tour (and subsequently quit One Direction). In particular, Liam Payne stated about Zayn Malik that he had a “problem with fame,” according to a March 22 report from the Spec.

On May 23, the Mirror reported that Zayn Malik retaliated to negative statements made by Liam Payne and others. Zayn Malik said the real problem that led to him quitting One Direction was “endless touring.”

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But could Zayn Malik be one of many musicians that are in a touring trap that the internet created? Business Insider published a report on June 28 that could explain Zayn Malik’s position and state the following.

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“A recent study by charity Help Musicians UK found that over 60-percent of musicians have suffered from depression or other psychological issues, with touring an issue for 71-percent of respondents.”

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Could this study be Zayn Malik’s story? As it appears, before this 2015 study was published, music writers were pointing out that the only way bands can make money in the modern music market is by touring.

For example, Metal Injection posted an article in 2010 that states the following about what musicians like Zayn Malik might be experiencing.

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“Popular opinion states that a band’s business model in the current economic and technological climate is ‘give the music away for free, make money on tour.'”

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Adding to that, Rolling Stone published an article in 2012 about how musicians like Zayn Malik should be making money and state the following.

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“Over the past decade-plus, the old-fashioned way of making money in the music business – selling recorded albums – has dropped off a cliff… Many top stars have switched their focus to selling concert tickets; while this is a prudent plan, generally speaking, it’s getting trickier now that everyone else is on the road with the same idea.”

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Supporting the claim that Zayn Malik is mainly making money from touring is Billboard Magazine. On May 1, 2015, they said that One Direction was one of the richest bands on earth — and touring was highlighted as a major stream of income.

How much did touring matter to Zayn Malik in the grand scheme of things? Billboard Magazine states that in 2014, One Direction made $4.1 million in sales, $682,200 in streaming royalties, $517,000 in publishing — and $40.7 million in touring income.

Touring defined One Direction because it obviously generated so much income for the band — but clearly Zayn Malik did not want to go along with this music “business model.”

Zayn Malik may have gotten himself out of one touring nightmare by quitting One Direction — but is he setting himself up for the same thing by signing a contract with 50 Cent?

On July 4, Zayn Malik is alleged to have a business meeting with 50 Cent, according to the Mirror. However, Zayn Malik could have learned his lesson with One Direction and will get the terms of his touring contract right — this time.

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