Michael Jackson Update: Wade Robson Files Amended Complaint

Although Wade Robson's creditor's claim of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson was dismissed last month, the choreographer continues his battle against the King of Pop. He recently filed a third amended complaint against Jackson's companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures.

Previously, a Los Angeles County judge denied Robson's civil case against Jackson's production companies, but Robson was given the opportunity to amend the complaint. The judge allowed the amended complaint after the third attempt. The revised complaint was submitted in March, but court records indicate that he may soon have his court hearing.

The attorneys representing Jackson's estate are trying to get the new lawsuit dismissed. Yet, Robson's attorney insist that the case is valid under California civil law, which states that these types of lawsuits can be brought forth "within three years of the date the plaintiff discovers or reasonably should have discovered that psychological injury or illness occurring after the age of majority was caused by the sexual abuse."

Shortly after Robson's sexual abuse lawsuit against Jackson was denied, attorney Henry Gradstein, representing Robson, indicated that even though the claim was denied, he plans to carry on with the lawsuit against Jackson's production companies.

Robson's civil case alleges that the companies, established by Jackson as his primary business entities, are liable for the sexual abuse the Robson allegedly endured by Michael Jackson. Robson claims he worked for the companies on various projects.

Michael Jackson

Additionally, Robson claims that the companies were "alter egos for the childhood sexual abuse alleged herein." Reportedly, Robson's mother worked at one of the production companies, where Jackson acted as her supervisor.

However, Harry Weitzman, an attorney representing Jackson's estate, claims that the allegations of sexual abuse are false, and therefore the civil suit should be thrown out just as the creditor's claim was.

Jackson's defense also indicates that Robson's alleged claims of abuse are marked from the 1990s, whereas Robson's employment with the production companies occurred years after the reported abuse.

Last month Weitzman stated that claims against Jackson were inappropriate, false, and were dismissed for valid reasons.

"The court's dismissal of Wade Robson's claim against the estate of Michael Jackson confirms that his lawsuit was inappropriately filed. Mr. Robson testified under oath in a courtroom that Michael never did anything improper with him. The estate believes his testimony was honest when his sole motivation was 'to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.'"
The hearing date for the civil case against Michael Jackson has not been announced yet, but it may occur within the next few months or within the year.