February 13, 2017
TNA Rumors: Another Huge Name Leaving The Promotion -- Heading To Global Force Wrestling?

As old names start walking back through the doors of TNA Impact Wrestling, more names keep heading out. Now, one of the oldest names in the company is done and will be heading on to something else in life. James Storm is leaving TNA as he has requested his release from the company, and it was granted.

The talk of expired contracts in TNA has been going on for weeks and it is known that Austin Aries' deal is up soon. Now, Low Ki has already left and so has Magnus to go along with the departure of Storm. Don't forget that Gunner and Samuel Shaw are gone too.

That was posted on Friday afternoon, and then there was even more to come on Saturday morning.Both Magnus and Storm are said to be officially leaving TNA after Sunday's Slammiversary event. It will indeed be the last time that both men wrestle for the company even though Storm was a part of this past week's tapings.

Storm won't work for TNA anymore, but will be a part of the Impact shows for the next few weeks.

F4W Online has let it be known that Magnus will be heading to work for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion. His fiancee Mickie James was with TNA on a pay-per-appearance deal, but that will be ending as well and she will be gone from the company.

magnus leaving tna

Magnus isn't exactly signing a contract with GFW, but has a business deal with Jarrett to work the first few tapings.

James Storm's deal with TNA officially ends on Tuesday, and that means Slammiversary will be his final date with the company. There have been no rumblings of Storm heading to Global Force Wrestling, but some rumors think it could lead to a TNA/GFW invasion angle of some sort.

It isn't yet known how many others will be leaving TNA, but it seems to be on an equal level of those coming back or making their debuts. Bully Ray returned to the company on Friday night in a new "Authority Figure" type of role.

With the departure of James Storm, Magnus, Mickie James, and Low Ki from TNA while Jeff Jarrett, Bully Ray, Vader, and Matt Morgan returned, it almost is a weird flashback of WCW's final days. While this may work well for TNA now, it will be interesting to see how far they can take it.

[Images via TNA]