Donald Trump: Twitter Shows What To Expect From Presidential Candidate [Opinion]

Donald Trump recently announced that he would be running for president.

There’s no doubt that Trump is a successful businessman despite some rumors to the contrary.

Many have noted that Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy four times, but that isn’t exactly the truth. Companies attached to his name have gone bankrupt, but the only time Trump’s personal fortune was at risk was the first time.

Debt is not an issue with the billionaire. However, his attitude doesn’t say much for his diplomacy abilities.

A person’s tweets are a great measure of their character.

In 140 characters, one can make their political beliefs, jokes, and ideas known to the world. In some cases, genius can be found behind the keyboard. In others, it’s a testament to a person’s permanently adolescent, amoral, and obsessive mind.

With Trump running for president, it’s important to consider all the facts before voting for or against him. What does he believe in? How does he view the world and/or the voters? What is his stance on the big issues?

If nothing else, Donald Trump’s Twitter answers those questions.

Jon Stewart

There is no love-lost between Jon Stewart and Donald Trump. No one has to see a series of tweets to know that. It may be possible for liberals and conservatives to get along, but not in their case.

Firing insults is one thing, but trying to gain the moral high ground by firing an insult in one post and stating that one aspect of that person wasn’t attacked in another is a whole other thing.

It’s thirteen-year-old logic.

Bette Midler

Regardless of what one thinks about Bette Midler, this tweet really pushes some boundaries. Donald Trump might have thought he was clever by insisting that he didn’t say such disrespectful things in order to stay politically correct, but he comes off as petty.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a significantly important day of the year in America. Soldiers who died during their service are supposed to be remembered and honored. Trump decided the best way to do that was by using the disrespectful, and much overused, term “haters and losers” in his post. Another petty move.

Arianna Huffington

Who says something like that? Divorce is a traumatic occurrence in someone’s life and to use that against them in such a harsh way is cruel. Trump crossed a line.


Ebola was, and continues to be, a frightening epidemic. Many people have died since the disease began to reappear. The argument about whether or not people should be allowed to come to America to escape the disease is a long and involved one. Whichever side a person falls on, it’s important to remain compassionate toward those affected. A president without compassion helps no one.

Global Warming

Donald Trump obviously doesn’t believe in global warming.

Climate change is an important issue around the world and scientists keep offering more and more proof that it’s happening.

Wind Turbines

Donald Trump may not be for wind turbines, but they are meant to be environmentally green. In fact, they’re not much different than the spinning blades on a plane or helicopter in design.

Vaccines = Autism?

There was one study done that found a link between vaccines and autism. The thing with science, that Donald Trump doesn’t seem to know, is that every study must be able to be repeated in order to become scientific truth.

Which study has been repeated with the same outcome? The ones that have said there’s no link between autism and vaccines.

Kate Middleton

The exact rights of privacy in America have been debated over time. This tweet shows exactly where Donald Trump falls in that argument by indicating that Kate deserved nude photos of her to be passed around the internet because she was nude.

Trump said in another tweet that she has “only herself to blame” for the breach in privacy.

Such an outlook could make a voter wonder where Trump stands on who’s at fault in a rape.

What do you think about Donald Trump running for president?

[ Image courtesy of Scott Olson/Getty Images ]