Sheriff Deputy Brett Arthur Berry Caught On Tape Abusing K-9 Dog Partner

A vet has examined the K-9 dog partner of Brett Arthur Berry, reports CBS, which has a shocking, graphic video showing Berry beating the dog and picking the canine up by its collar and tossing it to the ground. Brett is a 48-year-old sheriff’s deputy from Ramsey County whose dog-abusing actions against his K-9 partner were caught on tape June 14.

The dog-beating incident took place at a Carlton casino named the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota. Ironically it was during an event that was designed for the training of canines and for certification. The reports of cruelty to an animal brought authorities to the Black Bear Casino on June 15 at approximately 3 a.m.

Berry had already gotten in trouble that evening and requests had been made that he depart from the Cobalt Lounge within the casino after the staff complained about some unreported aspect of Brett’s behavior. Apparently, Berry took that frustration out on the dog, after being spotted leaving the Cobalt Lounge and returning to his hotel room. Next, he was seen on camera hauling the dog by the K-9’s collar, tossing the dog to the ground and chasing after the dog.

When the fearful dog was trapped between two doors, Berry began punching the cowering dog repeatedly. After the dog-beating video was made public, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement about the troubling video and Berry’s actions. The deputy has been placed on leave, reports the Minnesota Public Radio News, after Berry was seen on tape abusing the dog.

“Deputy Berry was sent home from the K-9 trials and placed on administrative leave. The K-9 was evaluated by a veterinarian and no injuries were found. The K-9 partner is currently in the care of others.”

The deputy wasn’t only put on leave — Berry was also arrested due to his treatment of the dog. He was charged with animal cruelty and assaulting a public safety officer, two misdemeanor charges. Berry has been with the department for 18 years, and has letters of recognition to his credit, although a complaint filed against Brett due to “poor public relations” at a traffic stop has been made in the past. The dog at the center of the controversial video exposing Berry’s abuse was reportedly not injured and has been placed in the care of others after the beating from Berry.

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[Image via surveillance video]