‘Perfect High’: Lifetime Movie Sounds Similar To True Story Out Of Edina, Minnesota, Premieres Tonight

Perfect High is a new Lifetime movie that is set to premiere tonight on the popular cable channel designed for women. According to Lifetime Television’s official website, Perfect High serves a cautionary tale. All around the country high school and college students are becoming hooked on prescription medications. Those medications are oftentimes entry way drugs for more deadly substances such as heroin. Perfect High is produced by Brainstorm Media, Just Singer Entertainment, and Sepia Films, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). The cast stars Bella Thorne as Amanda, Daniela Bobadilla as Riley, and Ross Butler as Nate.

Written by Anne Marie Hess, with Vanessa Parise directing, Perfect High centers around a popular high school dancer whose life is spinning out of control after she is sidelined due to a knee injury. Prescription drugs help manage her pain but things take a turn after she runs out of her meds and is introduced to the world of unauthorized prescription drugs. Amanda’s life is in danger once she is offered a cheap Mexican painkiller by a guy on campus that turns out to be heroin.

In the trailer we see Amanda’s life go in a downward spiral due to her drug addiction. We also see her lose control once her dance coach tells her that she won’t be able to dance on the team. That part of the story sounds a lot like a true-story case that happened out of Edina, Minnesota. In 2013, a popular cheerleader was threatened with being thrown off the team due to her arrest for three counts of felony controlled substance possession. The University of Minnesota cheerleader danced on the Golden Gopher Spirit Squads.

According to the report by Fox News Twin Cities, the student was seen on a campus surveillance video appearing intoxicated. She was approached by police who found hydrocodone, oxycodone, and marijuana in her backpack. Authorities also found an electronic scale. Her name was removed off the school’s cheerleading website after her arrest.

Lifetime has stated that the inspiration for Perfect High came from various cases that are happening around the United States. Some of these sad cases have ended in high-speed car crashes and deaths from drug overdoses. Perfect High is meant to expose the growing problem on school campuses and to help others by sharing these stories.

Perfect High premieres tonight at 8/7 central on Lifetime. The tease and trailer is below. #PerfectHigh

“Inspired by a true story. A star high-school dancer starts using prescription painkillers after a knee injury sidelines her. Feeling isolated, she is adopted by a popular group, which leads to sharing her pills, having regular “pharm” parties and falling in love for the first time. But when her prescription runs out, they resort to buying pills, only to have their lives forever changed when they discover their classmate dealer has been selling them heroin under the guise of being a cheap Mexican painkiller.”

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