Upcoming K-Dramas For July 2015 — What Are The Hottest Korean Dramas Coming Next Month?

Within the past month, K-drama fans were treated to a plethora of unique shows sure to keep their interest. Mask continued from its late May premiere, melodramatically showing how people “put on masks” among social and economic classes, all within an intricate retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Producer, a hybrid romantic-comedy and documentary-drama showcasing KBS producers in The Office fashion, ended with high ratings averaging 17 percent. Other K-dramas worth mentioning includes Orange Marmalade, Hidden Identity, and School 2015.

That is a lot for K-drama fans to dive into, and that’s not all of them either. However, with the conclusion of certain K-dramas, especially the mega-hit Producer, some are wondering what July has in store for those now-empty time slots. Thankfully, there is a new batch of K-dramas ready for fans to view this coming month, as detailed by KdramaStars.

Now before we list off July’s upcoming K-dramas, it is probably best to bring up the period K-drama that premiered just yesterday, July 27, 2015, since it is close enough to July to be a part of this list.

Scholar Who Walks the Night is about Jo Yang Sun, a woman who disguises herself as a man who sells books in order to feed her family after they fall from grace into poverty. Yang Sun eventually meets Kim Sung Yeol, a scholar who only appears at night, and she falls in love with him. Little does Yang Sun know Sung Yeol is a vampire.

Lee Joon Ki (The King and the Clown) plays the scholar vampire Kim Sung Yeol, while Lee Yoo Bi (Pinocchio) plays Jo Yang Sun. Other roles are filled out by a stellar cast which includes Kim So Eun (A Thousand Kisses), Lee Soo Hyuk (Runway Cop), and Max Changmin (from K-pop duo TVXQ).

As mentioned earlier, Scholar Who Walks the Night premiered on June 27, 2015. Future episodes will air on both Saturday and Sundays at 10 p.m. KST on the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

Another K-drama airing close to July is The Time That I Loved You, 7,000 Days. Ha Ji Won (Life is Beautiful, Secret Garden) plays Oh Ha Na while Lee Jin Wook (City of Glass, I Need Romance 2) plays Choi Won, two incredibly close, yet platonic, friends. As Ha Na’s 30th birthday approaches, Won claims men are like wine, getting better with age, while women are like grapes and shrivel into raisins. Ha Na then makes a bet on which one of the two will marry first before turning 35-years-old.

Most of the other supporting roles are amazingly filled out by former cast members of Pinocchio including Yoon Kyoon Sang, Lee Joo Seung, Choo Soo Hyun, Shin Jung Geun, and Jin Kyung.

The Time I Loved You, 7,000 Days premiered on Saturday, June 27, 2015. Episodes will air on Saturday and Sunday at 10 p.m KST on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS).

Oh My Ghostess is a story about a sous chef who is able to see ghosts, Na Bong Sun. Despite living a very timid life even with her rare abilities, everything changes for Bong Sun when she is possessed by the ghost of a temptress who sets her sights on Bong Sun’s co-worker and secret crush, Kang Sun Woo.

Na Bong Sun will be played by Park Bo Young (Hot Young Bloods) while Kang Sun Woo will be played by Jo Jung Suk (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin). Other roles are filled out by the acting talents of Kim Seul Gi (Flower Boy Next Door), Im Ju Hwan (Snow Queen), and Park Jung Ah (Prosecutor Princess).

Oh My Ghostess premiers on Friday, July 3, 2015. Future episodes will then air on Friday and Saturday at 10:30 p.m. KST on tvN.

[Image via tvN]