‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Teases Season 4 By Tweeting ‘What’s Wrong Speedy?’ Plus Will There Be A Time Jump?

As fans have a few more months to wait before the new season of Arrow premieres, many are waiting anxiously for any news concerning the new season. Luckily, Stephen Amell recently dropped some spoilers concerning the Season 4 premiere of Arrow. In a question and answer session on Twitter, Amell summarized the opening episode of the new season in three words: “What’s wrong Speedy?”

Amell’s comments are in reference to Thea, who was last seen embracing her very own life as a superhero. Amell’s concise words seem to point to the idea that Thea is in need of some assistance in the opening episode.

Is Thea finally caving to the side effects of the Lazarus Pit waters? Being raised back to life after being killed by Ra’s al Ghul would definitely have an impact on just about anyone, but could this mean that she’s finally going mad? Hopefully, the opening episode of Season 4 of Arrow clarifies the whole situation as Thea anxiously awaits some help from her brother.

Apart from the news on Thea and dishing out his views on his favorite baseball team and the upcoming MLB All-Star Game, Amell also talked about what else fans should expect to go down in the new season. One major spoiler he revealed was that there was a time jump for the characters this season.

Further, Amell went on to discuss his initial reactions to the script for this season. He stated that he was very surprised after reading the script for the first episode of Season 4, and how he had to ask for a little clarification from producers after he read it for the first time.

“It legitimately did,” he stated when asked if he was surprised by the episode. “I emailed [executive producer] Marc Guggenheim directly after reading the season four premiere with three or four very pointed questions. Which he answered… mostly,” he added.

Speaking of Guggenheim, the producer has been leaking a few spoilers of his own. Guggenheim recently posted an image on his Twitter account of the front cover of the script for the premiere. Because he cleverly hid the title with a pen, which effectively prevents anyone from trying to puzzle out its meaning, the only thing to tease out of the image is that it’s a short title.

Filming for the Season 4 of Arrow is expected to begin later this summer, with the new season set for an October premiere on the CW.

[Photo Courtesy: The CW]