November 10, 2016
Sofia Vergara Without Makeup: Fresh Faced, Young, And Stunning

A lovely 42-year-old recently posted a selfie on her Instagram account showing Sofia Vergara without makeup. Fresh-faced and by the pool, she actually looks younger than her years.

She apparently posted the selfie just before heading off to Mexico with gal-pal Reese Witherspoon to promote their new movie, Hot Pursuit.

Looking completely ageless and still stunningly beautiful, the image was posted to Instagram on June 21 by Sofia Vergara. Without makeup of any kind, unlike some other recent so-called makeup-free selfies posted by other fans that clearly show lip gloss and eye shadow, this is one lady to emulate.

On the Instagram post, Sofia wrote, "A little sun before heading to Mexico lindooooo today!!! ✈️ are u packed @reesewitherspoon."

Admittedly, the natural lighting helps a lot in this image, but the lady still looks gorgeous and completely natural. Seeing Sofia Vergara without makeup is an absolute inspiration to all lovely ladies of all ages!

As Perez Hilton reports, not only do we get to see Sofia Vergara without makeup, but we also get to see her rather lovely pool and backyard!

However, as Hollywood Life says, for any of us to look this good, it is important to start a healthy skincare regime early, with quality day and night creams to keep the skin tight and toned, containing no harsh chemicals which can do more harm than good.

If you do have to go out in the sun to catch a tan, again ensure you have the very best skin protection -- don't go for the cheaper and not-so-recommended brands.

Mary Phillips, makeup artist to Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, told Ahlan! Magazine on Instagram her top tips for looking good in a selfie sans makeup.

She said that good lighting and a great angle is definitely key to taking the best shot of your clean and lovely face.

However, when actually wearing makeup, she says that it is important to apply it in natural light, as some indoor lighting tends to wash you out, making you add more makeup than is absolutely necessary.

"Apply in the brightest light possible, and don't be afraid to have a magnifying glass on hand either — if you can master your own face in those very real very, very honest conditions, then get ready to look like complete perfection in any selfie scenario!"

So there you go, if you fancy emulating the lovely Sofia Vergara without makeup in a selfie or other photo, take care of your skin. Sofia obviously takes the very best care to keep her looking young, fresh, and completely beautiful.

On that subject, another Inquisitr article posted earlier this month quotes Sofia sharing secrets to an impossibly good life. That good life definitely shows on the face of Sofia Vergara, without makeup and perfectly natural.

[Photo: Sofia Vergara with Joe Manganiello by Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment]