June 27, 2015
TNA News: TNA Star Magnus Leaving Company, Jumping To Jeff Jarrett's GFW Promotion

TNA Wrestling may be going through some ups and downs, but there are a great number of people willing to stick with them until the bitter end.

Meanwhile, there are several others who are not willing to do so and want to try and see what their worth is somewhere else. There is a thought that Austin Aries could be leaving soon, as his contract is coming up quickly. However, TNA is about to make him a champions so he might be on a per date deal.

Putting a title on potentially departing talent is a custom for TNA. They want the person to feel important, all for them to eventually leave. So do not be surprised if Aries drops his about to be won title very soon. James Storm is also said to be leaving soon, which is a big blow to TNA as they lose yet another TNA original.

However, Storm may not be the only original on his way out. According to Cageside Seats, former TNA World Champion Magnus is set to leave TNA very soon. He will have a match on Sunday at TNA Slammiversary. He is set for some upcoming TV tapings, as TNA taped a large number of them this past week. His last official match will be at Slammiversary though. His contract is up after then and he is expected to leave TNA for "greener pastures."

Magnus is said to be jumping to Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion. GFW recently got going, but have not had a lot of marquee names. If they can bring Magnus in, he is someone they can build around. However, it is uncertain how long GFW will last and if they can afford to pay Magnus enough to stick around if WWE calls. WWE is quite interested in Magnus.

The main thing that attracts them to Magnus is his age. He is 28-years old. He'll turn 29 in November. He has not been working for as long as one would think, and has not been hurt much at all in his career. He is the type of guy many companies would want. WWE may offer something too big to pass up. However, Jeff Jarrett is the one that would get to him first and offer him something. The issue in the end is, if Jarrett signs Magnus to a contract...he is with GFW for as long as that contract is. It would be doubtful that Jarrett would let him out of his contract to go to WWE. TNA might continue to get Magnus back in every way possible. It is doubtful they will do so.

[IMG Credit: wrestlingheads.com]