‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Wanted Posters — Wait, Is That A Zombie? [Video]

It seems with August fast approaching, AMC has upped the ante with releasing new information on their latest show, Fear The Walking Dead. Yesterday a new promo video was released showing Madison (Kim Dickens) having a conversation with one of her students about a possible government cover up. Before that, fans were introduced to Nick (Frank Dillane) as he ran for his life from someone — or something.

Today we have another promo video. This latest video only runs for 11 seconds, but it might just give us our very first glimpse of a Fear The Walking Dead zombie.

Or not.

The image below shows the still of a person Madison sees from the window of her car while her partner, Travis (Cliff Curtis) drives. While the video footage shows the person as walking slowly, possibly shambling, it could also just be an image of a slow walking healthy person.

Fear the Walking Dead Teaser promo video 3

As well as the potential of our very first zombie sighting in this teaser video, we also get a glimpse into how the world is faring after the original outbreak. While Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is promising a slow unfurl to the first zombie sighting, we do get a glimpse with this video of how the world is descending into the world we know so well in The Walking Dead.

At the very start of the video clip, we see a shrine set up surrounding some “Wanted” posters. Three posters, all the same, but someone has taken the time to place flowers and candles around them, like they know already that something terrible has happened to their loved ones.

Once again, AMC has gone back to a teaser clip of Fear The Walking Dead that has no dialogue yet sets up the scene perfectly as fans are beautifully introduced to the “fear” element.

If you are from a region coded country and can’t watch this video, please check out the region free video here.

Fear The Walking Dead is the companion program to AMC’s The Walking Dead. Based in Los Angeles, Fear will follow Madison and Travis’ family as the outbreak evolves, something that was missed originally in The Walking Dead thanks to main character, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), being in a coma.

It was recently announced that the cast of Fear The Walking Dead will tag along with the cast of The Walking Dead for their first appearance at the San Diego Comic Con next month.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere in August on AMC.

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[Image credits: AMC / screen capture]