Borderless Ecommerce Allows Emerging Markets To Continue To Grow: Here’s How To Grow Your Ecommerce Business Now

As ecommerce continues to expand across the globe, companies large and small have an opportunity to grow their revenues to make more money for their businesses. With 40 percent of internet users having bought something online, and an expected revenue of $1.59 trillion in sales, there really is no better opportunity than now to grow a business, according to Marketing Land.

For those who don’t know what an ecommerce business is, it is a business that uses the internet to make transactions. This means that any company, including those who are brick and mortar, can also use the internet to help them grow their businesses provided they take the right steps to create an online presence and use effective internet marketing techniques to connect with potential customers.

Many companies are hesitant to try borderless ecommerce because they think that there are tremendous costs involved in breaking into new markets. With the right combination of internet marketing techniques and some preparation, it is simple to get started and then find new customers in countries outside your own.

The first step is to build an online presence. This means creating a website and then building a social media presence to connect with potential customers as well as affiliates. It is very inexpensive now to build a website and host it. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + help to get out the message about your business.

Once the website is built, the next step is to optimize for mobile because there are five times as many cellphones now as there are computers accessing the internet. The appropriate payment processors like PayPal allow you to work with affiliates worldwide by not only collecting payments but paying affiliates too.

The easiest way to break into new ecommerce markets is with an affiliate program. Affiliate programs allow ecommerce sites to make their products or services available for sale with the use of affiliates. Affiliates are marketers who sell your products and services for your company and take a part of the profits from each sale or a set fee for a referral.

The advantages of using affiliates are many. Since potential affiliates are more likely to know the laws in their respective countries, and they bear the expense of marketing, this allows companies to reduce risk and cut overhead when entering a new market. Companies like Commission Junction, Clickbank, and others help with managing affiliate programs.

As mentioned earlier, a mobile version of your website can increase revenues too. Although mobile hasn’t overtaken desktops as the way to purchase, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a way to increase ecommerce sales because of the number of devices.

The value of an ecommerce website, particularly for a brick and mortar business, is that it allows potential customers to compare prices and look for the best deals. Since Google now gives preference in its search to sites that have mobile friendly versions of their ecommerce sites, the added benefit may be extra traffic for your commerce business, according to Emarketer.

[Photo Credit Inbound Logistics]