Woman Strips Naked At Denver Airport [Video]

A woman who stripped naked at Denver International Airport suffered from “some sort of a breakdown,” according to police.

The unidentified woman removed all her clothing after being caught smoking a cigarette at a departure gate in the airport. She will not face charges, say authorities.

The strange incident, which happened at around 8.45am Tuesday morning, saw the woman strip naked and then asked an official to reprint her boarding pass. Police say the act was not linked to the cigarette incident.

The sudden stripping prompted an understandably confused and startled reaction amongst airport staff and passengers, who averted their gaze as the woman paraded in her birthday suit. Police have said a severe lack of sleep and subsequent exhaustion caused her actions.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said: “It appears to be some sort of a breakdown.” Raquel Lopez, spokesperson for the Denver Police Department, added: “The woman told officers that she’d had no sleep the night before.”

One witness told FOX31 Denver:

“Most people were shocked. No one really noticed her at first because people were trying to get to their planes. Then, everyone realized she was just standing there completely naked.”

He added that a lot of parents were quick to cup hands over the faces of their inquisitive children. After roughly 20 minutes standing in the nude, the unidentified woman was transported to the nearest hospital for assessment, where one hopes she had a damn good sleep.

Here’s the footage of the strip-happy passenger, complete with safe-for-work blurring in appropriate places: