Biloxi Lockers: Watch How These Teachers Transformed An Old School Hallway

A bunch of Biloxi, Mississippi lockers got a much needed makeover when a group of teachers decided to take paint and brushes to transform the old school hallway.

The question is, how come nobody else thought of this awesome idea before? When students at Biloxi Junior High come back to school this fall they will be pleasantly surprised to see how much these old lockers were changed over the summer, thanks to this group of dedicated, imaginative teachers.


“I think the kids are really going to enjoy it. When they come back and see this, they’re going to be like, ‘Wow, this is really neat,'” Howard told the local ABC affiliate.

The art project began last fall when two teachers got tired of looking at the old, worn, green lockers that lined the 8th grade English hallway. A group of teachers, with the help of other volunteers, started creating what is now a collection of the most popular pieces of work in literature.


For security reasons the 189 lockers at the Biloxi school have been sealed and have remained unused for over 15-years.

“We thought well, wow, we can really make this hallway look good, and we can make the lockers look like book spines, but then it became much more than just a decoration process,” said teacher Elizabeth Williams.

The next step was the selection of titles that would appeal for all reading levels, interests, and genres. The teachers posted images of their choices on Facebook and asked for volunteers to help bring the project to life and now they have garnered the interest of thousands via the Internet.

Biloxi lockers transformation

People have been drawn (no pun intended) to the dedication of the Biloxi teachers who created the masterpiece.

“They have been transformed all over the country. People have been commenting on them, ‘What an amazing idea! Look how they’re bringing literature to life in Biloxi,’ and it’s just been amazing the response we’ve gotten,” said teacher Stacey Butera of the incredible response the Biloxi lockers have received.

The cool idea is inspiring others to do similar things with topics such as the science, math, and history.

The Biloxi lockers project was funded with $600 grants from Biloxi First, public donations, and personal contributions.

[Image via Facebook]